COMPACT 36″x36″ Lighted Mirror – Black

SKU: 3-0402-15

ETL-damp ada

Designed in Italy, the Compact Lighted mirror boasts a sleek and slim matte black aluminum frame with elegantly rounded corners. The Compact’s exclusive GHOST Lighting technology conceals the light source when switched off, maximizing the reflective space on the mirror. Experience the subtle allure of ambient backlighting surrounding the mirror, casting a soft, inviting glow that enhances your space’s ambiance. Say goodbye to foggy mirrors with the defogger, ensuring your reflection stays pristine even in steamy environments. Customize your illumination with CCT selectability and achieve the perfect lighting level with dimmability, giving you total control over your environment. Operate the Compact Lighted Mirror easily using the hands-free infrared (IR) sensor. Adjust settings, turn the mirror on or off, and perfect your bathroom routine without touching a button. The Compact Lighted Mirror isn’t just a mirror; it’s a masterpiece of design and technology. Elevate your self-care rituals, bask in the beauty of your reflection, and redefine your space with the Compact Lighted Mirror.

Disclaimer: Image may not reflect actual product size. Please refer to product dimensions for details.

Dimensions: 36" (w) x 36" (h) x 1" (ext)

Finish: Black

Weight: 25.35 lbs

Light Source: 102.7 Watt 85CRI | Field Selectable CCT 3000/4000/6000k LED

Total Input Voltage & Wattage: 120V

Lumens: 3096 Delivered Lumens

Dimming: Dimmable | Direct & Ambient Lighting

Mounting: Keyhole Mounted

Location Rating: Damp